彈指之間,蘊藏着對動作、對身體、對編排(choreography)、對表演性(performativity) 的想像及關連。當表演所強調的呼吸及觸碰不再是日常,除了身體本身,Click以另一個朝夕相對的「身體」,展示有關於演出的另一種可能性。

Among the clicks, they provoke imaginations on and trace connections with movements, body, choreography and performativity. When breath and touch, which are essence of performance, are becoming unusual, Click uses another familiar “body”, apart from the physical one, to unfold another perspective into performance.

Chan Wai Lok

陳偉洛,生於香港,創作人及表演者,於香港中文大學建築系畢業後曾就讀SEAD (奧地利),其後於2016-2018年度及2018-2019年度分別獲歐洲聯盟委員會轄下Creative Europe - [DNA] network及香港賽馬會音樂及舞蹈信託基金頒發獎學金,並於2019年畢業於P.A.R.T.S. (比利時)。

最近創作包括獨舞Everyone knows what it means to think (2019) 與Mariana Miranda合編的/bɪˈtwiːn/ (2019),探討觀者詮釋表演時的個人選擇及自由。

陳氏曾參演由Cristian Duarte創作的Let it all out (2018),並參演Meytal Blanaru的創作We were the future (2019),並於歐洲及南美演出。同年演出Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker的新作Somnia (2019),並於比利時首演。


CHAN Wai Lok, a choreographer and performer based in Hong Kong and Brussels, completed his studies in P.A.R.T.S. (Belgium) in 2019 upon receiving scholarships from the [DNA] network supported by Creative Europe under the European Commission (2016-2018) and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund (2018-2019). He previously studied in SEAD (Austria) after graduating from the Architecture Studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Democratic interpretation and emancipation in audience is the major genre he has been exploring in his recent solo Everyone knows what it means to think (2019) and his collaboration with Mariana Miranda, /bI'twi:n/ (2019). He performed in Let it all out (2018) created by Cristian Duarte and worked with Meytal Blanaru in We were the future (2019) which was toured in Europe and South America in 2019. His latest collaboration with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker was also premiered in Belgium in 2019.

In 2020, he, together with his fellows, established an independent art space, ngau4 gat1 dei6, which is an art project exploring how to operate and sustain such art space in local art scene, and sharing spatial resources with fellow artists.


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